Solutions for Shippers & 3PLs

Reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and discover strategic opportunities to apply across your organization


Freight Audit + Recovery

Automate Verification and Validation

Intelligent Audit performs a systematic three-way contractual audit of 150+ data points to ensure accuracy and catch discrepancies.

Uncover Hidden Savings

Audit service-related issues, residential surcharges, dimensional rate, life gate charges, carrier compliance, lost and damaged packages, manifested vs. billed weights, and more.

Automate Cost Recovery

When discrepancies are discovered, we automate claims submission and recovery to ensure you recoup any inaccurate carrier invoices.

Customizable Auditing

Customize by department or function to assess supply chains at any level.


Business Intelligence + Analytics

Real-Time Data for Visibility

Unlock complex webs of data to track real-time and historical data with robust visualizations for better decision-making.

Powerful Tools for BI

An on-demand proprietary visualization platform to leverage standard & custom reports, historical data, and predictive intelligence.

Flexibility and Time-to-Value

Innovative customizations for flexible cost allocation & accrual reports. Identify discrepancies, providing high-value data within hours of receiving a carrier invoice.

Mobility + Accessibility

Access all reports from any location on any device with drill-down capabilities.


Machine Learning

Quickly Identify New Patterns

Something out of the ordinary happens; machine learning shows you what, where, and why.

Demystifying Machine Learning

Proprietary algorithms analyze dozens of variables and hundreds of millions of invoice-level data points in real-time to find anomalous events.

Making the Data ‘Explainable’

Customers receive contextual details regarding what happened and what they can do next to mitigate further exposure.

The Power to Drive Change

AI alerts customers to the slightest change in transportation data, across any KPI, before they’ve spent millions on a glitch or error.


Logistics Network Optimization

Determine Optimal Carrier Mix

Benchmark data and compare against like-shippers to determine the best carrier mix for cost-efficiency and service delivery.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Find optimal modes, carriers, services, and shipping locations to strategically diversify your carrier portfolio to improve transportation costs and customer experience.

Develop Strategic Roadmaps

Use data to optimize network strategies, such as zone skipping, hub injects, footprint redistribution, and more.

Model Scenarios

Use historical and real-time data to create dynamic modeling scenarios that include capacity and inventory restrictions for better forecasting.


Finance + Accounting Tools

Powerful Reporting to Save Money

Reduce manual tasks and automate data processes to create accurate accrual reports and identify cost savings.

Eliminate Surprises

Compare spending forecasts vs. expected costs and adjust for variances in real-time before closing with granular spending snapshots.

SKU Level Analytics to Identify Issues

Keep budgets aligned with actual spending and flag issues early before they become costly problems. Deep learning models look for anomalous patterns in your data for early warning.

Optimize Payment Cycles

Ensure invoices are paid on time per the terms of the carrier contract.


Carrier Payments

Streamline Payments

We partner with TriumphPay to streamline your freight payment to ensure carriers are paid correctly according to the terms of your carrier contract.

Ensure Accuracy

Instantly compare all invoices to identify discrepancies and automate recovery when discrepancies are discovered.

Intelligent Audit

Our Intelligent Audit module ensures you make consistent, timely payments that align with your financial control strategy.

Improve Carrier Relationships

Improve the relationship with carriers through increased data transparency, with shared access to real-time and historical data.


Client Success Services

Detailed Implementation

Dedicated project managers establish the business rules and processes you need, ensuring details are captured, tested, reviewed, and documented.

Customized Training

Only 2-3 hours of training is normally sufficient but more customized training is available if needed.

Dedicated Account Management

We operate as an extension of your logistics team. Each client has a 5+ person dedicated account management team proactively looking for ways to optimize your network, service, and savings.


Claims Management

End-to-End Management

Intelligent Audit has the expertise, technical knowledge, and technology to file claims on your behalf and track them through to resolution.

Easy Claims Filing

Send us your loss and damage opportunities on a weekly or piecemeal basis, along with the invoice and supporting documentation — we file the claim on your behalf.

Improved Efficiency = Greater Outcomes

Claims are submitted on time, affording you better resource/staffing allocation, and greater customer satisfaction.

Unlock a Lucrative Revenue Stream

Shippers can expect up to 1.5% of all shipments to be lost or stolen. We recover hundreds of thousands of dollars each month for our clients.