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Latest eBook: The Benefits of Small Parcel Contract Audit​

Contractual audit is a pivotal component of a holistic approach to shipping spend reduction. Whether your discrepancies are in the form of rate inaccuracies, service level errors, or incorrect accessorial charges, chances are you are being billed incorrectly.​
Business Intelligence

Why Shippers Need Normalized Data

In the age of big data, it’s crucial that the disparate systems that interpret that data are able to do so accurately. Even the slightest mistake or inconsistency could have

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Small Parcel

Amazon Steps Up Its Shipping Land Grab

Though Amazon has been playing the long game when it comes to shipping, it now seems that they are going full-speed-ahead. In typical Amazon fashion, the company is undercutting the

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Freight Shipping

FedEx Getting into the Bulky Game

One of the greatest beneficiaries of a booming economy has been the transportation industry. In particular, the impacts of eCommerce, higher consumer confidence, and a stronger job market have helped

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