Crowdsourced Delivery & Freight Auditing: How Technology Catches Errors & Provides Data

Utilizing crowdsourced delivery and freight auditing within the logistics industry can generate value for those looking to decrease costs. Overall, some considerations for transportation management mean capturing data in real-time to proactively correct errors or enable standardized reporting for shippers so they can focus on more critical aspects of their business. Delivery and freight auditing can help increase the value of crowdsourcing strategies with the right partner. In addition to these benefits, technology and freight auditing prevent high long-term costs for shippers and keep those irrelevant costs at bay.

1. Technology Provides a Single Source of Truth and Data to Track Performance of Crowdsourced Transportation

It can be challenging to track down an open source of data without tracking shipments as they move. And seeing data in real-time is a top priority because not knowing what is happening will effectively render all plans to optimize transportation across all modes meaningless. However, implementing technology will reduce this state of back and forth between carriers and shippers. Adding technology to crowdsourced delivery and freight auditing consolidates the information automatically for carriers and shippers. In particular, adding technology packages keeps everyone accountable and provides the most reliable connection to the shipments as they become active.

2. Capturing Data in Real-Time Enables Proactive Anomaly Correction

Among the best practices in times of Covid, capturing data paves the way for problem resolution strategies that may not have been accessible previously. Crowdsourced delivery and freight auditing captures live data with active shipments and presents an opportunity to combat issues like lost time due to traffic jams and other time-wasting disruptions. With more than $90 billion wasted each year in operating costs, seemingly minor problems like traffic congestion leave no room for preventable error, according to

3. Standardized Reporting Allows Shippers to Focus on What's Most Important: Serving Customers

As 2021 approaches the midyear point and soon will be heading toward fall, peak season surcharges are set to increase. Therefore, shippers need to focus their attention on what matters most: their customers. Peak season can make or break those midsize and smaller businesses, so customer satisfaction and service are the most important features of their businesses. Crowdsourced delivery and freight auditing make this easier for the shippers because they do not need to worry about the capacity crunch or reporting. Standardized reporting eliminates that extra step and reshifts the focus to a more lucrative standpoint. This further allows shippers to see all data in one place and analyze it to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Increased Accountability Through Freight Auditing Further Builds Value in Your Transportation Network

Some carriers keep rates static because they are unsure of their next load and want to provide cost-saving services for shippers. However, increased accountability efforts through crowdsourced delivery and freight auditing make building value effortless. It begins with data aggregation, cleansing and analysis to ensure insights are useful and reflective of your actual operation.

For example, the more carriers can increase their rating transparency, the more shippers will choose them for their shipper-of-choice offerings. In addition to boosting the work they access, it makes for an invaluable choice within transportation networks, avoiding errors and correcting problems as they occur.

5. Crowdsourcing Is Excellent Provided It Makes Sense With Your Parcel Carrier Mix, Which Data Can Help Define

Crowdsourced delivery and freight auditing mean problems such as capacity issues are less likely to occur when working with a more diverse carrier mix. When it makes sense with the parcel-carrier choice, crowdsourcing provides a sense of security to those weary shippers. Strategies like these, when performed correctly, boost efficiency within the supply chain. Data can help define these parameters and keep crowdsourcing an ally.

Increase the Value of Your Crowdsourcing Strategy by Partnering WIth Intelligent Audit

Essentially, increasing the value of the current strategy means partnering with the right group. Crowdsourced delivery and freight auditing can dramatically boost the value of the carriers and shippers by providing excellent service that always delivers on time. It all begins by contacting Intelligent Audit today to get started.

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