Gartner Recognizes Intelligent Audit in Annual Market Guide for Freight Audit and Payment Providers Report

Leading Market Research firm lauds Intelligent Audit's ability to define a new standard for the application of cutting-edge technology that helps shippers ingest, normalize and analyze data to derive meaningful insights.

Intelligent Audit, the technology leader in global freight audit and spend optimization solutions, once again has been recognized by Gartner as an industry leader in the "2021 Market Guide for Freight Audit and Payment Providers" report.

The annual report, created by analysts Brock Johns, Bart De Muynck, and Brian Whitlock, identifies the top-notch freight audit and payment solutions available in the market today and how providers such as Intelligent Audit are setting new standards for applying technology to help shippers pay bills on time and become a "shipper of choice."

Intelligent Audit has been previously recognized in the report in past years, and there is an argument that such recognition comes from the ability of Intelligent Audit to empower shippers to become smarter by leveraging data to ship shipments faster, cheaper, with fewer exceptions. In addition, Intelligent Audit defines a new standard for the application of data, including using their technology to ingest, normalize, analyze, and derive meaningful insights for data driven decision making.

The report further mentioned how Intelligent Audit's advanced technology solution has proved its scalability with more than a billion shipments processed and more than 2,800 customers across many industries, as well as the ability through a strategic partnership with Triumph Bancorp to securely process payments though. This creates a secure transaction that is free from the hassle and pitfalls associated with traditional freight finance options.

"We're thrilled to see Gartner's recognition of the importance that FAP companies provide to logistics," Intelligent Audit CEO Hannah Testani said. "Our inclusion in this report provides further evidence of our value proposition to our clients and will help us grow going forward. We look forward to what the future holds and will continue to create more strategic and effective FAP processes, as well as provide advisory services to our clients."

The report notes how 67% of shippers outsource freight auditing, payment, or both functions and that "shippers continue to face difficulty controlling their freight spend and managing end-to-end cash flow, which are vital to maintaining healthy working capital and financial efficiency. Capacity constraints are pushing transportation costs higher and increasing the need for improved carrier collaboration."

It is this level of insight and accolades that solidifies Intelligent Audit's competitive advantage and shows how a quality FAP provider can help shippers reduce total landed costs and achieve lasting benefits through leveraging technology that offers more visibility to further reduce costs and yield insights for strategic planning. Ultimately, how shippers handle freight audit and payment matters in transportation procurement strategy, too.

About Intelligent Audit

For over two decades, Intelligent Audit has been the industry leader in reducing transportation costs through freight audit and payment, business intelligence and analytics, spend optimization, and advanced network modeling.Intelligent Audit's proprietary technology allows customers to micromanage every aspect of their transportation through 750 standard and customizable reports. Intelligent Audit serves as an extension of its clients' logistics teams, continuously analyzing their data to identify process improvements and cost reduction strategies tailored to their specific business goals.
Intelligent Audit customers span from the largest Fortune 10 companies to small and midsize businesses globally. In 2020 Intelligent Audit managed over $23.4 Billion in transportation spend on behalf of 2,800+ customers.

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