Intelligent Audit Prioritizes Corporate Giving & Investment Back Into Your Employees, Donates $10K+ to Charity

Philanthropic initiatives have always been a strong measure of social conscience among today's corporations. According to the Philanthropy Network, "individuals, bequests, foundations and corporations gave an estimated $471.44 billion to U.S. charities in 2020. Total charitable giving grew 5.1% measured in current dollars over the revised total of $448.66 billion contributed in 2019. Adjusted for inflation, total giving increased 3.8%." And Intelligent Audit, a world-class freight bill audit and analytics provider, was among those giving to others through its recent efforts to incentivize people inside and outside the organization to exercise for a common goal of helping others.

What Did Intelligent Audit Do?

Intelligent Audit created an initiative for people to complete a series of exercises for $1 dollar each. some of those exercises included:

  • Running or walking one mile
  • Biking or skating one mile
  • Swimming 10 laps in one workout
  • Completing 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and 10 air-squats: 30 reps as a full set
  • And other like-activities

Which Top Charities Did Intelligent Audit Help?

Each employee chose the charity to which he//she would donate. Here are a few organizations Intelligent Audit contributed to:

There are many more charities that benefited from this mission and Intelligent Audit would like to take a moment to extend our sincerest gratitude for these organizations and the positive impact they make on people from all walks of life.

What Did the Intelligent Audit Team Think of the Event?

Quality of life is a big focus at Intelligent Audit. "We work to live not live to work," Chief Executive Officer Hannah Testani said.

"Everyone is busy, but we need time to get away from our desks and focus on our health, both physically and mentally. Work-life balance is necessary for sustaining growth and employee retention. Culture starts from the top and even as we continue our rapid growth that culture is still intact. Happy employees will go above and beyond to make customers happy."

Testani's words were echoed by the enthusiasm shared by in-house team members too, including Richard Perry, VP of Strategic Accounts, and Andrew Simcox, Sales & Marketing team member, "It was exciting to work with our team to give something back to the masses. We spend so much time focusing on trying to help individual shippers and trying to overcome the chaos of the day-to-day that it is easy to forget we are all on this journey together. I'm happy to have participated in this event, and I look forward to it in the future," Perry said.

Simcox also added, "Over four months, it's been a real pleasure to see how much our team was able to improve not only the lives of others but to improve their individual health through this event."

Changing the World, in Business & Life

The biggest opportunities for improvement come from the smallest of activities. This example of giving back is really a corporate example of what Intelligent Audit does for each of its clients. We look for the details of data, consider what's happening, and determine the best course of action to achieve the actionable insights and optimal results. That's true whether planning for the latest surcharges or freight invoice audits or when trying to select which charities to support. It's the small things that really make a difference, and Intelligent Audit's team has again proved that no matter the size or workload, we can all make time to give back. Contact Intelligent Audit to learn more about how Intelligent Audit is changing not only the world of freight auditing but the world as a whole today.

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