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Business Intelligence Meets the Supply Chain

Thanks to today’s business intelligence (BI) tools, companies are now realizing the inherent power of their transportation data to drive efficiencies and cost reductions in their supply chain processes. BI has become a must-have in the transportation and supply chain … Continued

Intelligent Audit Takes on CSCMP Edge

Earlier last week, the IA team had the opportunity to attend CSCMP Edge – a 4 day conference hosted by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) in Atlanta, Georgia. Most of the sessions and roundtables focused on industry … Continued

Intelligent Audit Sponsors PARCEL Forum 2017

Earlier last week, the IA team made its way to Nashville, Tennessee for PARCEL Forum 2017 – a three day conference dedicated to helping thousands of small-package professionals effectively implement best practices to create efficiencies in their supply chain processes. … Continued

Delivery Bots Roll Out

With e-commerce growing and changing the shipping game, it’s only natural that delivery methods will change as well. The first alternative that comes to mind is drone delivery. However, with all the obstacles in the way of allowing drones from … Continued

A New Challenger Approaches

FLEXE, a start-up fulfillment solution that enables e-commerce brands to offer next-day ground shipping to 98 percent of the U.S., was launched on Thursday, May 11. This alternative service allows businesses to deliver their goods faster than Amazon Prime for … Continued

The Future Of Shipping

Over the last 8 years, Uber has gone from a convenient car service to branching out into a long-haul trucking company with Uber Freight. Since its latest acquisition of Otto, a self-driving truck startup, for $650 million in 2016, Uber … Continued

UPS And FedEx To Hit Closer To Home…Deliveries

UPS and FedEx could be offering new, lower rates for deliveries within a 50-mile radius under a new “zone 1” rate, instead of relying on USPS or other local courier services for “last mile”, business-to-consumer deliveries. UPS and FedEx are … Continued