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What if instead of making 50+ freight payments in a week and fielding multiple remittance calls from each carrier, you could make just one payment to one company who handled all payment inquiries? With Intelligent Audit, now you can. As your single freight payment solution, Intelligent Audit streamlines and consolidates your carrier remittances, allowing you to allocate costs across your company more effectively and accurately.

We also manage all of the heavy lifting, such as sending out remittances and managing carrier contracts. Benefits of Intelligent Audit’s freight payments solutions include:

  • Multi-Currency Accounts – you never need to worry about currency conversions
  • Same Day Release – all carriers are paid within 24 hours of IA receiving payment
  • Carrier Liaison – IA answers all questions related to remittance advances, open balances, etc.


Whether your transportation methods are single or multimodal, Intelligent Audit freight payment services streamline your accounts payable processes and get your business on the fast track to savings.

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