Intelligent Audit works with shippers across all industries to recover freight transit costs, provide business intelligence and analytics, optimize carrier contracts, streamline freight payments, and more.

Medical Industry

Lost shipments mean more than minor headaches for healthcare providers.
Any shipment lost somewhere along the supply chain needs to be reported to the FDA. Carriers only store Proof of Delivery (POD) documents on their sites for up to nine months: Intelligent Audit stores POD images for ten years or more.

IA Medical Industry Clients

Medical Industry Case Study

GL Coding

The Intelligent Audit team worked directly with a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group to understand their business rules and create a fully automated process that captured 100% of their exception instances, eliminating the need for a costly manual GL coding application.

Retail Industry

Optimize carrier contracts, manage G/L coding and cost allocation, and gain insight into supply chain inefficiencies.

Granular Analytics

Break out analytics by division to leverage targeted business intelligence: analyze performance by brand, region, store location, and more.

Precise GL Coding

Precisely GL code more shipments than with any other application available on the market, never mind the huge improvement in efficiency versus manual coding.

Automatic Alerts

Automatically alert locations before a delivery so you can appropriately manage staffing needs.

Greater Visibility

Turn your supply chains into profit centers with insight into L&D claims, visibility to returns, and more.

Retail Industry Clients

IA is Trusted By These Retail Industry Clients
Retail Industry Case Study

Freight Audit

Learn how Intelligent Audit worked with a global leader in luxury eyewear to leverage shipping analytics, create systematic processes, and drive increased cost savings.



Respond quickly to new reporting needs as new products are released, tracked and shipped and leverage targeted reporting for specific products.

With Intelligent Audit, you’ll gain the ability to report on your manifest feed down to the most granular level, including by Delivery Order, Purchase Order, Sales Order, and SKU. Break out your GL coding at the charge level (VAT, taxes, freight, fuel, etc.) for more consistent measurement and analysis of supply chain performance. Leverage shipment analytics to identify service exception issues, streamline coding, and drive increased savings.

Technology Clients

IA Clients in the Technology Industry

Communications & Media

Intelligent Audit’s advanced technology increases workflow efficiency and enables supply chain optimization for communications companies.

More effectively manage transportation costs of returned products from retailers and customers to recovery facility and manufacturing plants.

Communications & Media Clients

IA Clients in the communications & media Industry​



More effectively manage shipment data and gain insight into small parcel delivery performance.

Minimize Issues

Minimize delivery issue instances with granular level reporting

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction with best-in-class claims management functionality

Better reporting

With thousands of built in reports and a customizable dashboard, Intelligent Audit provides you with the most reporting functionality in the market

Greater Visibility

Gain unrivaled visibility into shipment exceptions

Carrier Accountability

Hold carriers accountable for late and lost shipments

eCommerce Clients

eCommerce Companies Working With IA

Solutions to Help You Think and Ship Smarter

Learn more about how IA’s proprietary, cloud-based solution can improve and optimize your business processes.

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