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Check out some of our client success stories and see the results for yourself with these case studies
Machine Learning Anomaly Detection

Machine Learning Case Studies

Machine Learning Case Studies Check out some of our client success stories and see the results for yourself with these machine learning case studies Solutions to Help You Think and

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Omni-Channel Fulfillment

PetCo had the ultimate objective of fully optimizing an omni-channel fulfillment strategy that would help them achieve a cost-effective next-day ground footprint for all eCommerce orders.

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Network Optimization

  With the increasing pressure that shippers are feeling from Amazon – “The Amazon Effect” – the customer needed to optimize their network in order to meet their ultimate goal

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Contract Optimization

    The client had long been a UPS shipper and had never felt the need to outsource contract negotiations and analytics to a third party due to successful negotiations

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In the lead up to the liquidation of the largest dedicated toy retailer in the world, IA’s client needed to fully identify the overall impact of the Toys “R” Us bankruptcy and permanent closure on their business. In particular, the company wanted to understand the impact it would have on its distribution network and transportation costs, as well as strategies to mitigate the damage and potentially even position themselves to gain ground on the industry via a change in distribution strategy and tactics.

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GL Coding

The Intelligent Audit team worked directly with this client, a nonprofit medical practice, to understand their business rules and create a fully automated process that captured 100% of their exception instances, eliminating the need for a costly two person manual GL coding process and reducing their exception count to less than 100 exceptions per week.

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Delivery Exceptions

By analyzing the shipments of a leading home grocery delivery company, Intelligent Audit was able to identify and act on exceptions, managing in-transit issues to achieve positive outcomes. IA identified a link between the shipping experience and customer satisfaction levels that enabled the client to efficiently work with carriers to minimize future delivery issue instances, maintain higher customer satisfaction, and identify the impact that service issues had on customer retention.

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Freight Audit

Learn how Intelligent Audit worked with a global leader in luxury eyewear to leverage shipping analytics, create systematic processes, and drive increased cost savings. With the help of IA’s proprietary software and analytics tools, on-going audit services were implemented to monitor the firm’s shipping activities, and a systematic approach was developed to file refunds properly.

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